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Audio Book

Be a part of a growing billion-dollar industry by having your book turned into an audio book! Audiobooks were originally popular with commuters and frequent travelers. Now, with the popularity of hand held devices, audiobooks can be enjoyed almost everywhere. Audiobook sales have surpassed one billion dollars per year.

Now, you can have your book produced as an audiobook!

Video Book Trailers

Book trailers focus on using audio and visual elements to spread the word about your new book.

Similar to a movie trailer (the “commercials” you see before the feature film at the movie theater or on TV), a book trailer is created by a professional video production studio, to pique interest in your book.

Trailers are posted at online points of purchase for your book. Book trailers make the viewer aware of your book’s content and entice them to buy your book – right at the moment they’re considering making a purchase!



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