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Life Is Front Cover


Our Fiction and Non Fiction Publishing Packages offer varying different publishing services gear toward helping you publish your book.

Childern's Books

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Our Children’s Book Packages offer varying combinations of publishing, editorial, and marketing services to give you and your book a full supported self-publishing experience.  We at Stanton Publishing House takes children's books seriously.  Kids love to read books that can: inspire, teach, enlighten, and entertain children of all ages.

Cook Book

Publishing Packages

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Cooking great food dishes is a form of telling a story, we at Stanton Publishing House can help bring your cooking delights to the kitchens of millions of readers worldwide. We can make your book right! Even if you are a seasoned chef, restaurant owner, blogger and talented amateur cook alike create gorgeous cookbooks with usable, beautiful interiors designed to bring recipes to life. Bring us the recipes and the concept, we’ll bring the editorial and design experience to help you craft an organized and easy-to-use cookbook. Our marketing and distribution teams will get your book in millions of kitchens around the world.


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