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From the Eyes of a Child to the Soul of a Man:

From the eyes of a child to the soul of a man: a journey along the Highway of Life chronicles how a child views and perceives his life experiences through adulthood, and how those experiences help to shape both his soul and his life-journey, while becoming an adult. The situations that he faced, are in many instances, similar, if not identical to those faced by us all.


Through an introspective, reflective self-analysis, the author, utilizing a quasi-autobiographical approach, recounts how life lessons learned helped him to cope with the challenges encountered throughout his life-journey, and how those lessons impacted how he views and interacts with persons in his life, both on a personal and professional basis.


The author is detailed in describing how persons close to him, namely, his mother and father, helped form and shape him and more importantly, his soul. The author’s reflection of his wife and children are central to understanding life’s purpose and the essence of his soul and existence.

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