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National Bestselling Author Angela Stanton King found herself knee-deep right smack dab in the middle of Trump’s Presidency. After sharing her story of giving birth in a Georgia State Prison while chained to a bed she received a full unconditional pardon from President Donald J. Trump and went on to fight alongside his administration by founding her own Nonprofit organization for criminal justice reform. Once that was established, she set her sights on a higher calling taking us all by surprise when she ran as a qualified Republican candidate in what was deemed as "the most important election in the Nation" by Fox 5 Atlanta.

John Lewis' congressional seat was up for grabs and the city of Atlanta was in despair. In wake of John Lewis’s untimely passing, and the Black Lives Matter riots that took place over the summer stakes were high, and all the odds were stacked against her. Leaving many people to wonder if a Black Trump supporter could actually win Georgia’s 5th Congressional district.

On election day, November 3, 2020 there was an “alleged” water main break that stopped the vote count at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, in the only room that held the ballots. Since then, a world of lies, conspiracies, and corruption has ensued.

Hear one woman’s story of how she made it from the Hood to all Good, from prison to the palace, barely escaping the Coup.

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