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                                   Stanton Publishing House Consumer Alert

To Our Valued Customers:

Re: Email Scam from Stanton Publishing

Stanton Publishing House has recently become aware of a “phishing” scam perpetrated by unknown individuals utilizing a web domain name that is very similar to ours, yet is not affiliated with Stanton Publishing House. The perpetrators have been emailing fraudulent messages. Below is an example of the fraudulent message:

From: Orders@Stanton Publishing


Subject: Order Status

We appreciate your interest in Stanton Publishing House. However, we are not able to process your request for the following reason:

Your information cannot be verified, your CVC Number entered is incorrect.

You need to send a CVC Number for our (Just reply to this email), so we will able to process your request.

What is CVC number?

Visa/MasterCard/Discover: CVC number (the 3 digits security code of your credit card). CVC number is found on the backside of the credit card. It's the last 3 digits placed after the credit card number.

American Express Card: The CVC number on an American Express Card is the 4 digits that are above and to the right of your credit card number on the front of your card.

Stanton Publishing


This email is fraudulent and in no way connected to Stanton Publishing House and should be reported to your Internet Service Provider. Stanton Publishing House will never ask for any of your personal information over email. Furthermore, Stanton Publishing House will never call you for your personal information without first identifying very specific information about your project. We suggest that only you initiate a call to Stanton Publishing House to give out personal information.

Things you should / should not do if you receive one of these emails:

Do NOT give out your credit card or any other personal information via this or any other email of its kind.
Report the fraudulent email to your Internet Service Provider as SPAM and a Phishing Scam so that they can block and blacklist this particular email host.
If you feel you are concerned about a recent transactions made with Stanton Publishing House:
Contact the merchant of the card you used to review the recent activity.
If, when talking to your merchant, you learn of unauthorized charges, they will help you with this problem and issue you a new card.
If you are concerned and feel like unauthorized charges may happen call your credit card merchant and ask they issue a new card; they will be happy to do so.

Feel free to contact Stanton Publishing House at 1-404-795-6132 with further questions or concerns.

Over the years, fraudulent activity such as the above has become more common and Stanton Publishing House has evolved its policy in step. We no longer retain credit card information in our database, and while this may seem inconvenient, it is for our customers’ overall protection. For our customers who have recurring transactions, we have pushed their credit card information to third party credit processors who have more sophisticated security technology than is feasible for Stanton Publishing House to maintain thus making those transactions very secure. We are making constant improvements to our site and have retained and work with firms that specialize in helping companies stay on the cutting edge of security technology.

As a precautionary measure, to ensure our customers are fully protected and our systems not compromised, we have disabled our online bookstore while the appropriate technology and law enforcement professionals help us investigate. We will re-launch our online bookstore immediately upon completion.


Stanton Publishing House will never ask you for personal or financial information, passwords or the like via email. If we need this information, we will request that you call our appropriate line and speak to one of a very few designated representative authorized by Stanton Publishing House to handle this information. 404-795-6132

In general, these scams happen every day and in many forms. You should never give out your personal information to anyone who emails or calls you that seem unfamiliar, or that calls you and then asks you to identify yourself with sensitive information before they will continue the conversation.

The Stanton Publishing House

To learn more about phishing scams we recommend you review this Wikipedia entry

Other things you can do:

Review Your Credit Report
According to credit agencies, consumers should obtain a copy of their credit report for review at least once a year:

    Equifax -; 1-800-685-1111
    Experian -; 1-888-397-3742
    TransUnion -; 1-800-916-8800

Get More Information
For additional information on phishing and identity theft, go to the Federal Trade Commission's Website at

Important Contact Information if You've Been a Victim of Identity Theft

     U.S. Government Agencies
     Federal Trade Commission
     Identity Theft Clearing House
     Hotline: 877-438-4338IDD: 202-326-2502
     Social Security Administration
     Fraud Hotline: 800-269-0271  
     Credit Reporting Agencies
     To request a credit report and/or to report fraud: 888-397-3742
     To request a credit report: 800-685-1111 Option 4
     To report fraud: 800-525-6285
     TransUnion Corporation
     To request a credit report: 800-916-8800
     To report fraud: 800-680-7289

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