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 Executive Chef Cookbook Package $5,899
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Design and Editing features:

  • Customization of Book Cover with author photo

  • Customization of interior design

  • Unlimited number round of Correction in spelling, grammar, punctuation and subject-verb agreement

  • Unlimited number of interior graphics and tables

Production features:

  • Availability of your book in paperback format

  • Availability of your book in hardback format

  • Availability of your book in e-book format

  • Data Entry Service

  • Ghost Writing Services

  • Copy and Editing Service

  • Indexing Service

  • Citations-Footnotes & End notes

Post-publication features:

  • 60 Complimentary Paperback Copies

  • Twenty (20) BookStubs

  • Barnes and Noble Read Instantly

  • Amazon Look Inside

  • Goodreads Author Program

  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Worldwide Online Book Distribution (see size requirements)

  • Book in the Stanton Publishing House online bookstore

  • Library of Congress registration

Marketing Features:

  • 300 business cards


  • 50 postcards

  • 5 posters

  • Personalized Web Design (Advance web designed)

  • Press Release Campaign Essential

  • Foreword written by an SPH Top-Selling Author

  • Social Media Sliver Package

  • Book Video without Voice-Over

  • Book reviews