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Submission How-To's

How to format and submit your manuscript for Stanton Publishing House
Please follow these submission guidelines to ensure a quick and efficient publishing process.

Manuscript Formatting

    We need your manuscript as a single word processing document either created with Microsoft Word (.doc), Corel WordPerfect, or saved as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

    If your manuscript is not in electronic file format but is available as a hard copy, Stanton Publishing House can type your book into the computer for you. The Data Entry Service is available for $2.50 per page.
    Your text should not exceed 20,000 words. Please speak to an Stanton Publishing House consultant at 404-795-6123 to discuss options if your manuscript is longer than this.
    We prefer:
        Times New Roman or Garamond typeface
        Use the ENTER key to advance to the next line or start a new paragraph (avoid using the SPACEBAR)
        Ctrl + Enter keys to begin a chapter at the top of the next page
        Paragraphs indented with a single 0.5" tab (not the space bar)
        Triangular pointers to indent the first line of the paragraph
        Auto-formatted footnotes, headers/footers or page numbering

Call us at 404-795-6132 if you require some assistance with formatting.

Interior Formatting

    Stanton Publishing House may need to evaluate your manuscript and recommend the service level required to execute your manuscript.
    Manuscripts that require extensive text formatting can usually be published with the Custom, Premium, Executive or Platinum Packages, depending upon the type and extent of the formatting involved. Extensive formatting includes:
    We recommend that plays, screenplays, and cookbooks be published with either the Custom, Premium, Executive, or Platinum packages
    We recommend that encyclopedias, dictionaries, how-to books, workbooks, etc., that require highly page-specific formatting such as columns, text boxes, or sidebars be published with the Premium, Executive, or Platinum packages

Graphics Formatting

    All graphics or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi file format for best reproduction. This includes photos, charts, diagrams, drawings and anything else that is not text.
    Images are saved as TIFF (.tif) or JPEG files, in CMYK color mode and at actual size.
    You may submit hard copy photographs and original images (except slides or sketches). Stanton Publishing House can scan up to a size of 12" x 17".
    There are no embedded (pasted) images in your manuscript. Save all image files as separate files (e.g. Image1.tif, Image2.jpg, etc.).
    Please place a marker in your text to let us know exactly where an image should be placed (e.g. ). Please use the right filename for easy reference.
    The number of allotted interior images and/or tables varies depending on your publishing package. If you need to add additional graphics to your book, there is a fee of $10.00 per image or $20.00 per table.
    You also have some images allotted for the Image Enhancement and Manipulation service; this enables you to alter certain aspects of your submitted images.
    You may submit the following images:
        Cover Images - to be placed on the front cover of the book.
        Cover Design - photo or illustration file for your book cover.
        Author Image - to be placed on the back cover of the book. This is optional.
        Interior Images - to be included in the manuscript.

Things to avoid when formatting:

    Columns in your text. Stanton Publishing House offers a professional and standard book layout. If you insert columns in your work, you risk corrupting the layout of your book's text.
    Underlined text. Where possible, replace underlined text with italicized text.
    Footnotes. If you need to cite your work, use in-text citations or endnotes (at the end of chapters or at the end of the entire text).
    Pictures inserted into your manuscript file.
    Wingdings, symbolic bullets or characters unavailable within the normal character set (this includes symbols of any kind). If you want to bullet any part of your text, do so with standard bullets.
    Traditional manuscript format (i.e., your name and the page number on every page).
    Manuscripts that are written in foreign languages or those that contain hate speech, pornography or material that infringes upon another's legal rights.

We're always happy to learn about your needs and discuss possible solutions. If you have any questions about these requirements, please don't hesitate to contact a Stanton Publishing House Associate toll-free at 404-795-6132 or e-mail

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