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Myha Luong partners up with National Bestselling Author Angela Stanton to give a raw, riveting account of what it takes to survive. Reality Television Star “Lovely MiMi” from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 gives us a look into her personal life, the good, the bad, and the ugly on how she made her claim to fame.

Her story begins in a refugee camp located in the Philippines after that horrific ordeal her family safely escapes to America where Myha spends most of her teenage years partying, drinking, making terrible decisions, and living in group homes and detention centers. Myha opens her life for public view as she illustrates the guts that it takes to survive on the streets of Silver Springs, Maryland.

“Lovely MiMi” is an amazing free-spirited woman married to “Remytheboss” and mother to Juice and Jay. Myha and her husband Remy are the proud owners of ultraviolet Hair and Nail Salon in Atlanta, GA where they reside with their two children.

Autograph copy of My Lovely Life by Myha Luong and Angela Stanton

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