Executive Package $5,399

Design and image features:
    Allotment of author-supplied cover images and author photo
    Customization of cover (front and back) and interior
    Consultation with cover and interior designer
    Unlimited number of interior graphics and tables

Production features:
    Availability of your book in paperback format
    Availability of your book in hardback format
    Availability of your book in e-book format

    Print on demand
    Copyediting Service
    Indexing Service
    Citations-Footnotes & Endnotes
    Ability to track book production through our website
    Electronic & paper galley
    Manuscript alterations & corrections service

Post-publication features:
    Sixty (60) Paperback Copies*
    Twenty (20) Hardback Copies*
    Twenty (20) BookStubs*
    Barnes and Noble Read Instantly
    Amazon Look Inside
    Google Books Preview
    Registration with Books In Print® database
    Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
    Worldwide Online Book Distribution
    Book in the Stanton Publishing House online bookstore
    Online book sales and royalty accounting
    Quarterly royalty payments
    U.S. Copyright Registration
    Library of Congress registration

    CD Archive
    Set Your Own Price Program

Marketing Features:
    300 business cards
    50 postcards
    5 posters
    Personalized Web Design (Advance web designed)
    Press Release Campaign Essential – 500 media outlets

    Guaranteed Interviews with Selected Media Outlets
    Social Media Setup Guide & Social Media Training Video
    Book Video without Voice-Over

    Book reviews

Executive Package