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Angela Stanton

Dismissed with Prejudice is the exciting, page-turning account of the court case that set out to prove the truth behind a reality television star’s life of crime. Karma is never too kind to those who set out to deceive.

Dismissed with Prejudice is the sequel to Angela Stanton’s #1 bestselling memoir Lies Of Real Housewife, which opened the floodgates to reveal explicit details of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks’ role in numerous complex criminal schemes while functioning as an Atlanta lawyer. Park's denial of these allegations led to a 30 million dollar lawsuit against Stanton and the publisher of Lies for defamation. As Stanton’s legal team built their case to prove the truth of Stanton’s memoir, Parks and her legal team started looking for an exit door.

Many truths unfolded during the case. As Stanton’s lawyer uncovered more and more evidence to prove Parks’ involvement in the crimes described in Stanton’s book, Parks herself fought to avoid testifying. Witness the fall from grace of a self-described “southern belle.” When her lies leave her in paralysis and she is unable to generate any more excuses to cover up her duplicitous life. What follows is the discovery that the only solution to the quagmire is to face the cold, hard facts.

This dynamic, sometimes tragic and ultimately victorious account, Dismissed with Prejudice by national bestselling author Angela Stanton brings closure to the high stakes court drama between Angela Stanton and Phaedra Parks.

Sensationally written, Dismissed with Prejudice is the highly anticipated follow up to Lies of a Real Housewife.

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Dismissed with Prejudice

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